Technology at Bribie Island State High School

Schools are now educating a generation of students who have been born into a digital world. As the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) continues to grow globally, students will increasingly demand an education that embraces ICT.

To cater to these demands all students are Bribie Island State High School will be exposed to coding, programming and game and website development. The skills they develop through these studies will then enable them to solve problems through our robotics program and later on in senior Information Technology Systems (ITS).

However, in order to provide these learning experiences students must have access to devices that support this learning. The goal when formulating a direction for technology access at Bribie Island State High School is to deliver options that are affordable as well as providing students the opportunity to satisfy their educational needs. From 2017 the school will implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program that will enable students to select a device that meets the school’s required specifications.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a new information technology (IT) model that supports the learning of students in a 21st century classroom. This model allows students to bring an IT device to school, provided it meets the specifications supported by the resources of Bribie Island State High School that best supports the students learning needs.

As of 2017, starting with Year 7, Bribie Island State High School is offering families the control over the choice of the which IT device to bring to school provided the device is within the specifications supported by Bribie Island State High School. The school will continue to support students by diagnosing IT issues and consulting with families if further action is required. It is expected that students will have an IT device ready for the first day of school. The cost of this program is $60 per annum, this covers licence fees, software costs and technical support to help with onboarding your device to the network. The school will start accepting payments and forms on enrolment.

Technology Options for 2017

SCHOOL LAPTOP PROGRAM – $350.00 per year

Students who were part of the Laptop program in 2016 may choose to continue to participate in the laptop program in 2017. This is a three year program which will be phased out at the end of 2017 and 2018. The program includes the device, software, warranty, accidental damage insurance, hot swaps, data storage, Wi-Fi at school, printer access, support and advice on-site (see Laptop Agreement document). While this program is only available to students who participated in 2016 there may be a very limited number of devices available to new participants.


Students are able to bring their own device however, it must meet the specifications as outlined in the BYOD agreement. This device must be connected through the school network to provide protection and access. No stand-alone devices are allowed at school. The cost of this program covers licence fees, software costs and technical support to help with onboarding your device to the network.

Minimum specifications

In order to provide a consistent experience for students, it is important the device meets the specifications outlined below. This will ensure the device is able to connect to the school network, printing systems and ensure that digital content used in the classroom is compatible within the chosen device. CLICK HERE for a check list to help you when purchasing.

If you have questions about whether a specific model will meet the requirements please feel free to contact the Bribie Island IT Department on (07) 3400 2444 or

Examples of IT devices that meet the school’s specifications

Bribie Island State High School does not recommend any particular brand or vendor, DEVICE EXAMPLES serve as a guide to device type ONLY.


Choosing your device

You are welcome to purchase a device from any vendor you choose. In order to support your purchase we have developed a CHECKLIST for you to take when making your purchase. Furthermore, to assist parents, here is a guide when looking at purchasing online:

What to look for when purchasing a device through an online store or store front?

  • The devices are built for education or corporate environments.
  • Notebooks and tablets come with a three year Onsite Warranty and three years Antivirus subscription
  • Accidental Damage Protection Policy: ADP is an enhanced Warranty Service provided by the vendor. If a Notebook/Tablet fails because of accidental damage, the vendor will repair the device as necessary or replace the device with a new product which is equivalent to the damaged product. Check how many claims can be made and what if any excess is payable.

Software specifications

  • The only software requirement for student’s personal device is that Microsoft Office 2010 or higher is installed. All Queensland state school students can now download multiple copies of the Microsoft Office 2016 to their personal home computers and mobile devices for free. Students who want the free software will need an active Managed Internet Service (MIS) login, school email account and password. Those who do not should contact their school’s MIS administrator. The administrator will help students activate their MIS login.
  • Students also have access to a range of Adobe products available to install on a personal device. You can download a Trial version of the software, which can be serialized by Bribie Island SHS IT staff while students are at school. The following Adobe software is available to students: Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Indesign CC, Acrobat XI Pro, Photoshop Elements, Dreamweaver CC, Flash Professional CC, Fireworks, Edge Animate, Muse, Media Encoder CC, Captivate.
  • Suggested additional software to install:
    • Internet Browsers
      • Google Chrome
      • Mozilla Firefox
    • Adobe Flash, Reader, Air, Shockwave Player
    • Java
    • Quicktime Player
    • VLC Player
    • Audacity
    • Virus/Malware Protection
      • Microsoft Security Essentials
      • Malwarebyres

Care of device

It is the responsibility of families to keep their chosen IT device in good working order to ensure minimal disruption to learning. It is expected that students bring their IT device to school each day fully charged. Each device should be clearly labelled with the student’s name. Students should take care to put their device to sleep when moving around, as failure to do so can damage the hard drive and potentially lose files. Choosing a device with solid state drive (SSD) can alleviate some of these issues.

It is REQUIRED that all devices have some form of protective casing. This will minimize the likelihood of damage as students travel to and from school.

Insurance and warranty

Purchasing insurance is a personal choice, Bribie Island State High School strongly recommends that you purchase Accidental Damage Protection Insurance with your device. When purchasing your laptop please learn about your options to purchase accidental damage protection for your IT device. This covers your device with accidental damage on and off the school campus. Fire, theft and acts of God are usually not covered under these programs and we request you to include it in your personal or home insurance. The insurance can be purchased with your computer vendor or any insurance company. All insurance claims must be settled between you and the insurance company. Statistically, 30% of repairs at school are considered non-warranty.

We advise that all devices are covered by an extended warranty. Statistically a computer will require, on average, 2.5 repairs during its 3 year life cycle. This is a computer requiring a hardware repair due to component failure (warranty) or accidental damage (non-warranty). On average 70% of these repairs are warranty and 30% non-warranty.

Repairs and school support

All maintenance for the IT device, operating system, software and/or apps purchased by the family are the responsibility of the family. Families should ensure quick maintenance turnaround for student devices.

If you run into a problem, we advise students to see the school IT staff who will attempt to diagnose the fault. If this is not able to be resolved, they can recommend a course of action for repair (eg. warranty claim, insurance claim etc.). Troubleshooting will be limited to running an inbuilt diagnostic that has been installed by the manufacturer of your device and will only be performed in the presence of the student or parent.

Secondary devices

We acknowledge that the majority of today’s users experience media on a variety of screens: computer, smartphone, tablet and TV. Students are welcome to bring secondary devices to school. IT staff can assist in connecting the device to the Wi-Fi however, cannot support repairs and maintenance.


BYOD Information

BYOD Agreement


If you have questions please contact the Bribie Island IT Department on (07) 3400 2444 or email us at

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