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Teaching and learning

Teaching and Learning at Bribie Island SHS

Bribie Island SHS is committed to maximising the learning outcomes for the full range of our students. Crucial aspects in ensuring student success are our rigorous professional development programs for staff and our whole school pedagogical and behavioural frameworks.

The Art and Science of Teaching (ASOT)

Based on the work of Dr Robert Marzano, Bribie Island SHS has been implementing this Teaching and Learning Framework since 2011. “The words art and science were carefully selected to convey a message – effective teaching in both the art and science”( Marzano, 2007).

The Art and Science of Teaching is presented in the form of 10 design questions.  Teachers examine each design question to develop their knowledge and skills, as well as reflecting on their current beliefs and practices.

Essential Skills for Classroom Management (ESCM)

ESCM is a training package in ten Essential Skills defined and explained as essential for good classroom management. Bribie Island SHS’ has made a significant commitment to this program through the upskilling of 21 staff members as expert Classroom Profilers, including 2 Advanced Profilers and 1 Regional Trainer. Our Profilers observe each teacher’s application of the Essential Skills in the classroom and provide them with an individual data record of what transpired. Staff are then led through a personal reflection session regarding the effectiveness of their practice and possible areas for subsequent professional development.

The classroom management skills include:

  • Establishing expectations
  • Giving instructions
  • Waiting and scanning
  • Cueing with parallel acknowledgment
  • Body language encouraging
  • Descriptive encouraging
  • Selective attending
  • Redirecting to the learning
  • Giving a choice
  • Following through