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Schools are now educating a generation of students who have been born into a digital world. As the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) continues to grow globally, students will increasingly demand an education that embraces ICT.

To cater to these demands all students are Bribie Island State High School will be exposed to coding, programming and game and website development. The skills they develop through these studies will then enable them to solve problems through our robotics program and later on in Senior Information Technology Systems (ITS).

However, in order to provide these learning experiences students must have access to devices that support this learning. The goal when formulating a direction for technology access in the school is to deliver options that are affordable as well as providing students the opportunity to satisfy their educational needs. As a result, the school runs a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. 

Bring your own device (BYOD) program


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a relatively new information technology (IT) model that supports the learning of students in a 21st century classroom. This model allows students to bring an IT device to school, provided it meets the specifications supported by the resources of Bribie Island State High School that best supports the students learning needs.

The school will continue to support students by diagnosing IT issues and consulting with families if further action is required. It is expected that students will have an IT device ready for the first day of school.

Minimum specifications

In order to provide a consistent experience for students, it is important the device meets minimum specifications. This will ensure the device is able to connect to the school network, printing systems and ensure that digital content used in the classroom is compatible within the chosen device.
Extensive information on the program including minimum specifications and software requirements can be found in the Bring your own device information document.

Necessary Software

You do not need to purchase MS Office - some shops may try to sell it to you as an extra - you do not need to pay for Microsoft Office.

Your child can download full Microsoft Office 2016 for free with their school login.

You will need suitable Anti-Virus software – you can use any one of the free AV software packages available online;

  • MS Security Essentials
  • AVG
  • AVAST or anything similar

Or, you have the opportunity to purchase Norton Security with Backup (based on the product that is used in schoolsl), this is available for $9.99 per year subscription fee (or $29.99 for 3 years) at - Students will have to logon onto the learning place first.

Adobe Creative Suite software is available if required from school, and individual subjects may offer installation of various other pieces of software.